Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tenno Yuki

Catfolk Oracle of the Heavens

5'2'', snow leopard fur pattern on fur (black, gray, white, pale blue eyes) with a long mane of head hair of silver and dark gray tied back in a pony tail, light build but tends to wear bulky cloth armor of an Innuit design. Has a cloak with the image of a swallowtail butterfly signyfing his assosication with Desna (usually thrown over his left shoulder). He carries a pair of snowshoes, his long quarterstaff (with banded iron ends), and a sling and bag of bullets at his side.

He is surounded by small heavenly wisps which are pesky spirits drawn to his Desnan blessing. They are usually very hard to see and only appear is light shimmers.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aleashia stands about 5'6" with a slim attractive build. She has long blond wavey hair and bright blue eyes. She wears mismatched scavenged clothing...usualy a skirt, Sash, and a blouse of some type. She somehow manages to look good in these clothes. She uses a dagger and wears a holy symbol of Calistria. She has a Firefoot Fennec as a familair.

Her favorite Hex is Prehensile hair.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ordin Gandread is a human Inquisitor of Sarenrae with the Fire Domain and loves to use his Fire Bolt. He wears a red trenchcoat that, when closed, shows the symbol of Sarenrae, but only his breastplate when open. This allows him to appear as a normal individual when need be as well as a holy warrior should his need arise. The coat also has a hood, which he has up most of the time to improve his intimidating prowess.  On his back is a backpack full of the most random crap that he usually uses, much to the chagrin of his party. His weapons are a heavy repeating crossbow and a scimitar.

N'Tara is a Cross blooded Sorceress, Human female, with shoulder length black straight hair and yellow eyes. She wears a black corset looking thing around her chest showing her stomach, black leather pants, and a coat made of copper dragon scales.