Friday, November 16, 2012

Howell B. Talbot III

Howell is modeled after Thurston Howell III, from Gilligan's Island, played by Jim Backus . So, imagine a younger Mr. Howell, with a thin, trimmed beard (like Riker's beard from Star Trek: TNG).
Howell wears a golden suit of adamantine full plate (complete with spiked shoulders), with a gold cloak. He sports "Justice", his shocking battle axe of animal bane (long story), and a light steel shield (these could be optional in a waist-up illustration, really). Abadar's Key symbol is prevalent on his belt buckle, shield, and the holy symbol hanging around his neck.
Further background and stats, and an earlier illustration by Hugo Solis, are included in "The Register" article in Wayfinder #3.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlotte Tesser

26 years old, 5'6" high.
Doesn't look very roguish - she's actually more of a scholar, since she works as a librarian and uses that to spend most of her time reading. As a result, she looks pretty scrawny and unassuming.
Her hair is black and slightly wavy, which makes it even more apparent that it's almost always messy. Goes a little past her shoulders. Also wears under-rimmed glasses, behind which you can see her black eyes.
As for clothes, they're pretty simple, being a white dress shirt, a black vest over it, and a long black skirt.
Now, her personality... she's kind of a grumpy, reclusive ass who doesn't like to relate to anyone other than her younger sister. Still, she can be nice if you somehow manage to get on her good side, but that can be pretty hard.
Finally, she really, really loves books and firearms.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yuna Tsukimura

YĆ«na’s a Half-Elf [pathfinder] (Domain: Air) Wizard 5/ Monk 1. As her speciality is air-based spells, she favours wind and lightning spells, so tends towards the more destructive ones. She will be going into Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil eventually though, which is all about the colours of the prismatic wall, but as prerequisites has her specialising rather heavily in abjuration/defensive spells. She favours speed over strength but isn't weak. She grew up in a human city (steampunk-ish) in an orphanage (taught martial arts), and from 15-24 years old lived aboard a halfling trading ship (taught magic, then the campaign began), who are modelled after Terry Pratchett’s Nac Mac Feegles, so are a little chaotic and love alcohol & money. She can also (through feats) cause sonic damage with a touch, and her domain allows her to cast feather fall & levitate on herself at will (and eventually fly).
Physical description (sorry if it’s so detailed, she’s my first character):
She stands around 5’8” and walks with calm, graceful confidence. Her long black hair, smooth like silk, dyed with purple streaks in places, reaches almost half way down her back, and her eyes are a deep, dark amethyst colour. She favours her elven heritage, so her ears are elongated, obviously so, and her eyes are slightly wider than a human’s.
She has a black tattoo on her left side, from about halfway between her elbow and shoulder to just below her ribs, with a few tendrils poking above her jacket collar on her neck, almost to her jaw line. She has a second tattoo on her right hip, in a similar style but much smaller (maybe up to her bottom rib at most). She also has spellbook tattoos around the edges of the main tattoo on her left arm, and down the outside of her right upper leg (since the world she’s in revolves significantly around Japanese, the text is probably in asian script).
She wears a black, long-sleeved traveller’s jacket that almost reaches the floor, with purple patterns decorating the inside (the overall colour scheme is black with purple filigree). Her boots are black leather and reach past her knees, and have purple trimmings. She wears black silk hotpants, and a purple corset with black & white filigree. She has black leather fingerless gloves and a black belt with a black & white buckle shaped like Nethys’ mask (pathfinder god of magic ).
As far as equipment goes, all you can really see are two leather pouches on the back of her belt, and a purple ribbon wrapped around a lock of hair on one side (it’s a hat of disguise so if you can think of anything else that would fit better feel free). She also has an owl familiar if you want to include him too for practise.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alton Foxgleam

Alton Foxgleam stands tall for a halfling at 3' 2" and weighs 36lbs. He dresses very richly, preferring a dark crimson doublet with golden trim over a white shirt. Alton chose the color because it "brings out the emerald of his eyes." His trousers are similarly embroidered, but otherwise plain. Alton wears a pierced gold coin on a chain across his neck and he usually possesses a sly, knowing grin.
Alton is a professional gambler by trade, a man of mind that one must make their own luck. As a result, Alton carries all manners of gaming equipment, from decks of cards and dice to coins and knuckle-bones, all kept in very fine patches that are draped across his chest on a belt-like chest holster. He is very lightly armed, carrying only a dagger and a sling; as a youth Alton had dreams of being a professional slinger and only gave up the trade when he was cursed. He still carries around the old thing for sentimental purposes, however.
When Alton was a youth, he had an encounter with an otherworldly presence that unbeknownst to him weakened his temporal connection. This temporal disturbance is what accounts for much of his "luck" as well as his spellcasting. For example, when he summons a monster, he is actually opening a brief temporal rift, causing a monster to tumble through it into the present. This weakened connection has its negative side effects on Alton, however. Although his body is assimilated to the spiraling eons around him, foreign objects are less lucky. Any object Alton directly holds in his hands suffers rapid aging until it is tattered, worn, and broken; only to return to normal the moment Alton's fingers cease touching it. This curse is the reason Alton had to abandon his dreams of becoming a professional slinger, and his weapon decays the moment he attempts to use it. Alton's voice is also often overcome by countless words, both that have been said and haven't yet been uttered. While he is normally able to control this, when Alton is extremely stressed or unfocused he begins to babble gibberish in countless tongues.
His "luck" and guile have made Alton into a very successful gambler. Preferring to live among humans because he finds them easier to bluff and feint in games, Alton loathes being referred to as a child and goes to extremes to point out his age; he seldom wears boots or shoes and possesses a tattoo of a golden coin and a pair of dice on his upper left arm. Although he does not allow himself to grow a full beard, Alton does leave a ragged stubble on his his chin. Amusingly to most of his human companions, Alton is something of a womanizer and can often be seen with a lady around his arm or hitting on bar wenches; sometimes both at the same time. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eden and Ziva

Eden and Ziva are non-identical human twin sisters in their late teens. I do not want them to be overly sexualized in their illustration.
I was thinking of something in the style of Yun & Yang from Street Fighter for their clothing. Silk jackets and loose pants, but in a more realistic (not super tight fitting) way.
Both should look somewhat "tomboyish" in their appearance.

Eden - Monk - 5'6" tall. She has green eyes and dark brown hair that she has pulled back into a long ponytail. She has a good sense of humor, and has a tendency to get into trouble. She likes teasing her sister, but in a good natured manner. She is strong and outgoing.
She wears brown pants and a bright green jacket with a dragonfly pattern on it, and I would love if you could include a dragonfly flying near her.

Ziva - Unarmed Fighter - 5'8" Standing slightly taller than her sister, Ziva has bright blue eyes and light brown hair that she pulls back into two short pigtails. She is less outgoing and more reserved than her sister.
She wears white pants and a pink jacket with a butterfly pattern on it. If you could include a butterfly flying near her, that would be appreciated.