Friday, June 7, 2013

Chrysanthe Spiros

a daemon-spawn Tiefling Wizard who's specialization is Illusion spells, specifically Shadow spells.

Chrysanthe easily stands out in certain places, having deathly pale skin, gleaming yellow eyes and violet hair reaching below her shoulders in length. She has an as-of-yet unspecified problem with her vision, which causes her to wear glasses. Proud and somewhat hedonistic, Chrysanthe usually has a malicious grin on her face.

Sigurd Sigurdson

Sigurd is a very refined looking fighter, he believes himself to be a genius of no-equal as such he takes great pains to look gentlemanly even in armour. His face would be best described as being a cross between Freddie Mercury and Nikola Tesla. His armour is mithral fullplate and he uses a Norman kite shield and an adamantine Lucerne hammer. Though he has taken many levels of fighter, ranger, and armour-bonded, he remains quite nimble and is quite adept with the flaming bow he looted off an erinyes. He also has a pet bison(not necessary) to carry the party loot and various other task

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Huran and Falia

Huran and Falita 
Huran: 23 year old man from Katapesh. Huran is thin and muscular and stands about 5'8". He has brown eyes and dark brown hair, and can often be seen with short facial hair (he forgets to shave). He grew up on the streets of Katapesh and survived by his skills of stealing and rapier fighting. He often teases Falita whom he has known since birth and likes to claim to be the best swordsman in the known lands (often challenged by Falita). His character class is Rogue/Duelist.

Falita: She is a 25 year old woman from Katapesh. Falita is thin and lithe and stands at 5'5". She has the build of a dancer, which is also her profession (she is a Dervish Dancer/ShadowDancer). She has black hair that goes to her mid-back and dark brown eyes. Her clothing allows for freedom of movement, but also fits in with the Katapesh style. She wields a scimitar more often than she casts bard spells. As for personality, Falita is a spitfire. She also has a love of bantering, and enjoys teasing Harun unmercifully (whom she has grown up with). She is not afraid to put a stop to seeing someone being picked on by others, but she also doesn't go out of her way to cause trouble.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This statuesque and sultry Taldan beauty has green eyes, long, flowing brown hair, and natural bronzed skin further tanned by the Garundi sun. No one knows her last name, if she has one. She is exceptionally attractive and sensual, and though she no longer maintains the typical dancing girl garb of a concubine, she still acts and dresses provocatively, favoring low-cut, tight bodices, bare midriffs, perfumes and jewelry, and flowing, gauzy dresses that reveal her legs. Her formal dresses are generally white silks, tinged with pale blue to match her master Snowflake. She easily wraps most men around her fingers, and seems immensely self-assured when doing so. An ornate, curved dagger is tied to her sash at the small of her back.
When dressed for self-defense, Laetitia dispenses with perfumes and most of her jewelry, replacing them with lightweight desert robes and a chain shirt of glittering mithral over her usual fashionable garb. She adds an ornate rapier to her belt and keeps a shortbow and quiver slung over her back alongside her backpack.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kesari Wukong

Race: Vanara, Male 
Class: Monk (Flowing Monk) - Chaotic Neutral 
Brown fur with bright green eyes, always wearing a mischievous smile.
Kesari is a self-proclaimed drunken master, and Avatar of Sun Wukong - god of drunkenness and trickery. He wears very simple robes that bear the holy symbol of Sun Wukong on its back, carrying a walking staff in one hand and a large gourd (full of rice wine) with his prehensile tail.

It would be wonderful if you could include his cohort as well, which should be incredibly easy. His cohort is a Wayang Shadowdancer, that not even the party knows is there. Cohort lives in (literally) Kesari's shadow (Hide in plain sight, yeaah), and would be great represented as just a wicked grin in the shadow, or a manipulation of the shadow to show the exaggerated nose and smile of the Wayang. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dhima Hona

Dhima Hona: 
Race: Vanara 
Sex: Male 
Class: Gunslinger 
Fur Color: Orangutan Orange 
Eye color: Black
Dhima is a gruff and grumble yet slightly psychotic simian who lives by the "go ahead, make my day" philosophy. His face is scared up one side from a powder keg accident, yet he still smokes his cigars from that side. He wears a dirty, moth-ridden wide-brimmed hat with a set of dark lensed goggles on them (Goggles of Night), and a geometric-patterned rustic poncho. I see him as kind of a mix between Jonah hex and The Stranger from the Oddworld series, but, you know, a monkey. He dual-wields twin magical pepperboxes, that he rotates with his tail. Very Western Feel. I'd love to see him in a pose with both weapons drawn.

Group of Adventurers

Darkrall - Human Male Cleric of Sarenrae

Tall, intimidating, with dark long hair and a scar on his face (left cheek). 
Wears a burnished banded mail armor decorated with phoenix themed elements, the helm covering his eyes but not the rest of the face, and forged to look like a fiery bird of prey. His gloves, boots and cloak are trimmed with snakeskin.

Also wields a large metal shield sporting the image of the goddess (a female angelic being wreathed in flames), and an oversized warhammer of bluish metal.

Azula - Half Elf Female Bard

Has long curly red hair with no fringe/bangs, bright green slanted elven eyes, and freckles. Wears golden earring looking like tree leaves and a small round earring at the tip of the ear, a torque necklace more apt for a male, a green cloack and high boots with an ankle strap.

Her green tinged leather armor is so tight that looks more like a corset, over a white shirt and bright red pants; she's equipped with a shortbow and a silver flute (western concert type).

Getro "Quickfingers" - Halfling Male Rogue

Sports long black hair tied in a ponytail, with no facial hair except for thick eyebrows - and a perennial know-it-all smirk. His attire is a dark brown full leather armor, covered in pouches, straps and buckles, with overknee boots, and a tattered and dirty black cloack from which emerges a dangling grappling hook. 
Is also armed with twin shortswords and a bandoleer with 5 throwing knives.

Rumi - Human Female cleric of Kurgess

Wears splint mail over cerimonial vest, exceedingly clean and neat looking; has shoulder lenght wavy blond hair, is just under 6' tall and slim (athletic looking, kinda like field jumping athletes). She's equipped with heavy wooden shield, morning star and light crossbow as ranged weapon. 
Yep, it's from the original request.