Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bishop Shortcastle, Soulknife/Aegis. A blonde, blue-eyed Adonis-like figure in his late 20s, formerly an alchemist by trade, he was experimented on and tapped into his psyche to reveal the psionic power he was capable of, he formed a massive, translucent blade out of thin air and ectoplasmic armor covered his skin. Recently his juggernaut ecto-armor formed an extra set of arms, and his mind blade formed a tower shield (so upper arms a 2-handed mind blade, one lower hand a tower mind shield, and the other hand a torch).
His current mission involves the destruction of minions of darkness, so he's sure to have light handy. He's brave in the face of the shadows, but has been cursed a couple times at least.

He also makes a point to seem normal, as hard as that might be, so he doesn't carry spare weapons or armor at all. And when he's in town, I imagine him securing his things off of his person before heading into the more populous areas.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Arasmes ibn'Fayad is a Kyton-spawn tiefling summoner. He is from Katapesh and has a very Persian look to him. He is relatively muscular due to the muleback cords he wears. He wears a Khefiyeh and dresses in dark colors. Tan skin tone and jet black hair he has tattoos of silver and black chains all over his body that change at random times as if they are moving (this is due to his fiendish heritage) he also has jet black pupil-less eyes during the day and silver pupil-less eyes at night. He has a pair of desert goggles that he wears when interacting with most people due to his disconcerting eyes. He is incredibly handsome with a dazzling white smile that he uses to great effect. He is a genuinely good person who fights against his heritage on a daily basis.

His eidolon: Not a necessity but would be nice if anyone has time. Caliphana looks like a strange cross between a great cat like a tiger and a dragon. Her teeth and claws exude an acidic liquid. She has great dragon like wings. Her fur is a deep purple with dark blue markings like tiger stripes. She has a pair of black horns that sweep backwards from her head.

Natalia Luccini Tiefling Summoner
An attractive female in her early to mid twenties. Light reddish brown skin, amethyst eyes. Two slim horns protrude from her forehead tapering to dull points as they follow the curve of her head back. Blueish black hair, tied back in a pony tail, reaching to her shoulder blades with azure streaks running back from her horns. She has a slim but curvaceous figure. A slender tail reaches down to about mid calf.
Her attire is well made and sturdy, more practical than fashionable, but still a touch stylish. Leather boots come most of the way up her calves the tops turned down forming a cuff. Close fitting trousers, possibly a softer more supple leather. On her top half she wears a tunic secured at the waist by a sash, the front and back of the tunic hang to about knee height, where as the sides only come down to the hips.

Possibly wearing a bodice over that, and either a short sleeved bolero or zouve jacket rounding it off. A satchel hangs at one hip the strap running from the opposite shoulder, and a small pouch rests at her other hip secured to the sash.
And of course her Eidolon

Alteá 5’9”
A couple of inches taller than Talia, and a bit more muscular, but overall the same proportions. Her horns are thicker at the base, and taper to points, they are also more prominent, not following the curve of her head as closely. Her skin has the likeness of red marble, a featureless white marble mask covers her face. A pair of black feathered wings adorn her back, the feathers edged with a golden hue, they do not look big enough to allow for flight.
Wears either a bustier or halter top, with bare midriff, trousers and boots, all in black and red leather.

Gnome Summoner, Skotty Nar. Two descriptions either will work (character is a synthetist that fights inside his summoned creature).

Out of eidolon: Skotty is a small framed Gnome, with short brown hair (balding with a receding hairline) and an 'Amish' style mustache-less beard. A weapon crafter by trade, he is dressed in functional engineer-style garb, with a bandoleer of tools, as he often crafts weapons or clockwork toys (using mage hand to have is tools float around as needed.) He is never far from his comically oversized pole-axe.

In Eidolon: Skotty is piloting a clockwork battle mech, a steam-punk styled summon creature (medium sized) that either wields the human sized glaive that Skotty built, or fights with claws and teeth (I envision a glorified bear trap for a mouth)

The first is Aquilla: a human who wears his Magic School's uniform. The uniform has a large greenish Cloak around a white robe. His favorite weapon is a Heavy Mace. His hair is short and brown, and he wears a headband. He is a confident person, imagining himself as a Hero to all, even though he is about as heroic as a school student. For now...

The second is Priscilla: She is a very pretty girl who wears a dark Purple duster with small bits of armor on the outside. She is only worried about protecting Aquilla, and thus wields a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (to great success) and follows him constantly. Her hair is shoulder length and bright red. She wears a straw hat that covers her forehead, but not her eyes.

Vaidan Cross, the Seaflame. He is a human Pyromancer, and wears a porcelain mask over a burn-scarred face, with scraggly raven hair, a black coat jangling with pirate jewelry, and a slight hunch in his back. Kind of like a fire-obsessed Joker.

Half Orc male barbarian/cleric of Gorum, wearing chain shirt over simple and tattered/ragged clothing; rough and savage looking, almost feral in features - more orc than human blood in his veins. 6' tall and over 250 pounds in weight. Equipped with two handed waraxe, a spiked gauntlet (spikes are made from wolf/beast fangs) on his left hand, and three spears as ranged weapons.

Elard Elwynn. He's a 20 year old human Varisian from Riddleport. Elard has gypsy features, such as olive brown skin, wavy black hair that reaches just above his shoulders, and brown eyes. He's 5'5" and 155 lbs. Athletic build, more on the lean side than muscle head. Charming and handsome in a 'scoundrel thief' kind of way. Always making cracks at the enemy (Perform: Comedy) and chases the occasional skirt.

Elard has studded leather armor, a long sword, and a heavy shield. On his back is a pack with some rope, a crowbar, and his trust acoustic guitar. Elard is the entertainer on the caravan in Jade Regent.

Fiona Vasile. She is a Varisian Changeling, a Tattooed Sorcerer  who worships Desna and has practiced the arts of Harrowing on her free time.

She's only 5'3'' tall, has a slight but noticeable hourglass build to her and green Varisian-styled tattoos across her body that contrast with her unusually pale skin. Her left eye is violet while her right one is golden in color. She also has long, black, unkempt hair and robes similar to those that Seoni wears, though they are purple (plus some other color if any fit) in color.
I figured I need more routine drawing, so I decided to start again with Daily Sketching.

Some time ago I stumbled over an Thread at, where artists offered to do character illustrations for the very same reason. What an great way to spare me the trouble to come up with ideas of my own each day. Sounds strange but when you think about it other people come up with ideas you never think about, forcing you to do something different once in a while.

So without further delay, here's my sketchbook so far.

The first Character I did was Snowhunter. A catfolk Barbarian.