Thursday, December 27, 2012


Valeria is a Tiefling. She has long rad hair and green eyes(which at times glow red). Her fiendish features include fangs, horns and tail like a succubus, and pointed ears(not like a elves...). She is incredibly attractive and wears tight black leather corset and a black leather skirt split along the legs to allow mobility, both a trimmed with a dark red. She wears a dark green sash and knee high black boots(with daggers in both of them). She also wears long black leather gloves and jewelry  She also has a tattoo of a dolphin with a eyepatch and a pirate's hat on her left shoulder, and the skull & crossbones on the other.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Celena Ashram

Gnome Paladin
Height 3ft 1 Inch 
Weight 30 lb 
Eye's Green 
Hair long fiery red done in a ponytail 
Attire Chainmail armour with a Orange/yellow tunic belted at the waist, Thick brown Leather gloves, Leather boots that come up to mid shin, armoured arm and knee guards.


Kurrgin is a dwarf of the Anvilhand clan, a highly atypical organization of nomadic aberration hunting dwarves; they go to where the nasty things live, and make them regret (if only briefly) that they are nasty things. A gross oversimplification, but apt enough. They carry a strictly hereditary form of lycanthropy (werewolves) and have strong religious ties to Fenrir. Kurrgin is a monk of the clans long martial tradition (recently converted to a Tetori) with phenomenal strength who mangles enemies to death with his fists...well, technically with a mean looking pair of gauntlets/cestus. Physically, Kurrgin has a long, heavily braided black beard that is starting to show grey, gold eyes, a shaved head covered in scars, intricate knotwork and runes (these also cover most of the rest of him), and eerie, almost exaggerated predatory features. Like a 5.0, 230lb wolfish tombstone that looks like it's thinking very grimly about crushing and eating you. He has the elemental fist feat and is progressing down the dragon style feats in Ultimate Combat, and will soon be breathing out the occasional flaming "fus-RO-DAH!!". But in the meantime, his hands being shrouded in ki fire would look really cool...maybe with a hint of fire escaping his mouth.

He wears functional dark robes, and sometimes an iron half-mask that resembles a foo wolf's jaws. Various charms and religious icons are wound into his handwraps, and a number of trophies (including some dragons teeth and claws) are worn about his wrists and waist. He wears boots that one would normally expect to see accompanying a suit of armour, heavy iron plated things with short, thick square spikes in a band across the toes. Other than that, he carries minimal equipment, almost all of which is stored in his haversack.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cant get the description right now because the Paizo board is down:

Basically it's an Spirit companion of an summoner, a so called Eidolon which takes on the form of an snake with the head of an fox. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Zalura and Elya

Zalura is an 18 year old Changeling Witch/Harrower from Ustalav. The changes would be her hair is black and is straight. It hits about mid-back on her. Also, her eyes are one deep blue and the other is a forest green. Her clothing is Varisian traveler type, with a red bladed scarf as her favorite weapon. She also has a blue and purple butterfly tattoo on the back of her left shoulder (she is a follower of Desna). She is very laid back and friendly, and quite enjoys fortune telling. Her familiar is Eyla, a silver short-hair tabby cat with green eyes. The cat enjoys riding on her shoulder or sleeping in the hood of her dark green cloak.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Alissariel Kirmoon

I just can't post the description here, the commissionee did an incredible job and even collected a whole wiki for her.  Hope it's okay to post the link. ->

I feel a bit bad since I couldn't fit all of that into the timeframe I gave myself for those illustrations.

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Merry Christmas 2012

First off all sorry for the delay in my character artworks. I had promised some commissioned pieces till mid December and that's taking up all of my spare time.

I just had to also finish a Christmas Card to send around to friends, hope you'll like it and of course also for you happy Holidays and a great 2013!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Howell B. Talbot III

Howell is modeled after Thurston Howell III, from Gilligan's Island, played by Jim Backus . So, imagine a younger Mr. Howell, with a thin, trimmed beard (like Riker's beard from Star Trek: TNG).
Howell wears a golden suit of adamantine full plate (complete with spiked shoulders), with a gold cloak. He sports "Justice", his shocking battle axe of animal bane (long story), and a light steel shield (these could be optional in a waist-up illustration, really). Abadar's Key symbol is prevalent on his belt buckle, shield, and the holy symbol hanging around his neck.
Further background and stats, and an earlier illustration by Hugo Solis, are included in "The Register" article in Wayfinder #3.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlotte Tesser

26 years old, 5'6" high.
Doesn't look very roguish - she's actually more of a scholar, since she works as a librarian and uses that to spend most of her time reading. As a result, she looks pretty scrawny and unassuming.
Her hair is black and slightly wavy, which makes it even more apparent that it's almost always messy. Goes a little past her shoulders. Also wears under-rimmed glasses, behind which you can see her black eyes.
As for clothes, they're pretty simple, being a white dress shirt, a black vest over it, and a long black skirt.
Now, her personality... she's kind of a grumpy, reclusive ass who doesn't like to relate to anyone other than her younger sister. Still, she can be nice if you somehow manage to get on her good side, but that can be pretty hard.
Finally, she really, really loves books and firearms.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yuna Tsukimura

Yūna’s a Half-Elf [pathfinder] (Domain: Air) Wizard 5/ Monk 1. As her speciality is air-based spells, she favours wind and lightning spells, so tends towards the more destructive ones. She will be going into Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil eventually though, which is all about the colours of the prismatic wall, but as prerequisites has her specialising rather heavily in abjuration/defensive spells. She favours speed over strength but isn't weak. She grew up in a human city (steampunk-ish) in an orphanage (taught martial arts), and from 15-24 years old lived aboard a halfling trading ship (taught magic, then the campaign began), who are modelled after Terry Pratchett’s Nac Mac Feegles, so are a little chaotic and love alcohol & money. She can also (through feats) cause sonic damage with a touch, and her domain allows her to cast feather fall & levitate on herself at will (and eventually fly).
Physical description (sorry if it’s so detailed, she’s my first character):
She stands around 5’8” and walks with calm, graceful confidence. Her long black hair, smooth like silk, dyed with purple streaks in places, reaches almost half way down her back, and her eyes are a deep, dark amethyst colour. She favours her elven heritage, so her ears are elongated, obviously so, and her eyes are slightly wider than a human’s.
She has a black tattoo on her left side, from about halfway between her elbow and shoulder to just below her ribs, with a few tendrils poking above her jacket collar on her neck, almost to her jaw line. She has a second tattoo on her right hip, in a similar style but much smaller (maybe up to her bottom rib at most). She also has spellbook tattoos around the edges of the main tattoo on her left arm, and down the outside of her right upper leg (since the world she’s in revolves significantly around Japanese, the text is probably in asian script).
She wears a black, long-sleeved traveller’s jacket that almost reaches the floor, with purple patterns decorating the inside (the overall colour scheme is black with purple filigree). Her boots are black leather and reach past her knees, and have purple trimmings. She wears black silk hotpants, and a purple corset with black & white filigree. She has black leather fingerless gloves and a black belt with a black & white buckle shaped like Nethys’ mask (pathfinder god of magic ).
As far as equipment goes, all you can really see are two leather pouches on the back of her belt, and a purple ribbon wrapped around a lock of hair on one side (it’s a hat of disguise so if you can think of anything else that would fit better feel free). She also has an owl familiar if you want to include him too for practise.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alton Foxgleam

Alton Foxgleam stands tall for a halfling at 3' 2" and weighs 36lbs. He dresses very richly, preferring a dark crimson doublet with golden trim over a white shirt. Alton chose the color because it "brings out the emerald of his eyes." His trousers are similarly embroidered, but otherwise plain. Alton wears a pierced gold coin on a chain across his neck and he usually possesses a sly, knowing grin.
Alton is a professional gambler by trade, a man of mind that one must make their own luck. As a result, Alton carries all manners of gaming equipment, from decks of cards and dice to coins and knuckle-bones, all kept in very fine patches that are draped across his chest on a belt-like chest holster. He is very lightly armed, carrying only a dagger and a sling; as a youth Alton had dreams of being a professional slinger and only gave up the trade when he was cursed. He still carries around the old thing for sentimental purposes, however.
When Alton was a youth, he had an encounter with an otherworldly presence that unbeknownst to him weakened his temporal connection. This temporal disturbance is what accounts for much of his "luck" as well as his spellcasting. For example, when he summons a monster, he is actually opening a brief temporal rift, causing a monster to tumble through it into the present. This weakened connection has its negative side effects on Alton, however. Although his body is assimilated to the spiraling eons around him, foreign objects are less lucky. Any object Alton directly holds in his hands suffers rapid aging until it is tattered, worn, and broken; only to return to normal the moment Alton's fingers cease touching it. This curse is the reason Alton had to abandon his dreams of becoming a professional slinger, and his weapon decays the moment he attempts to use it. Alton's voice is also often overcome by countless words, both that have been said and haven't yet been uttered. While he is normally able to control this, when Alton is extremely stressed or unfocused he begins to babble gibberish in countless tongues.
His "luck" and guile have made Alton into a very successful gambler. Preferring to live among humans because he finds them easier to bluff and feint in games, Alton loathes being referred to as a child and goes to extremes to point out his age; he seldom wears boots or shoes and possesses a tattoo of a golden coin and a pair of dice on his upper left arm. Although he does not allow himself to grow a full beard, Alton does leave a ragged stubble on his his chin. Amusingly to most of his human companions, Alton is something of a womanizer and can often be seen with a lady around his arm or hitting on bar wenches; sometimes both at the same time. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eden and Ziva

Eden and Ziva are non-identical human twin sisters in their late teens. I do not want them to be overly sexualized in their illustration.
I was thinking of something in the style of Yun & Yang from Street Fighter for their clothing. Silk jackets and loose pants, but in a more realistic (not super tight fitting) way.
Both should look somewhat "tomboyish" in their appearance.

Eden - Monk - 5'6" tall. She has green eyes and dark brown hair that she has pulled back into a long ponytail. She has a good sense of humor, and has a tendency to get into trouble. She likes teasing her sister, but in a good natured manner. She is strong and outgoing.
She wears brown pants and a bright green jacket with a dragonfly pattern on it, and I would love if you could include a dragonfly flying near her.

Ziva - Unarmed Fighter - 5'8" Standing slightly taller than her sister, Ziva has bright blue eyes and light brown hair that she pulls back into two short pigtails. She is less outgoing and more reserved than her sister.
She wears white pants and a pink jacket with a butterfly pattern on it. If you could include a butterfly flying near her, that would be appreciated.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Age: 20 
height : 6 ft 8 in 
weight 280 
Skin color: pale Hair: shaved Eyes: dark red body type: well muscled 
Clothing: Enre wears a white mask covered with runes and a grey cloak. Under the cloak he wears heavy armor. On his back is a massive two handed blade.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lightflame De La Hawke

Lightflame is a human of Royal descent.  Although her father is a half elf, she herself appears to be purely human.  Her home country was taken over while she was an infant by an evil emperor amongst others and she was raised by another country's royal family.  Her intent is to regain her country and for her people to know freedom again.  

She is a Magus with an affinity for flame.  Although she has a heirloom long sword, her magic is her primary focus.  She has worked out a way so that all her distance fire spells (like fireball) take a hawk shape.  It is her signature.  

Lightflame wears her elven chain beneath fine robes.  She tends to wear colors that complement her flaming hair and amythest eyes.  She is small in stature (5'2" around 95-100 lbs), but stronger than she looks.   Her personality is quiet and relaxed.   She has few strong bonds, just her foster brother and a friend of his, as her concern is to free as many countries as possible besides her own and to make strong allies for her people. She has an amethyst ring on one hand. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Axis looks like a tall and slim half-elf, with little black horns curving backwards from his forehead. His skin has the paleness of death, and his long hair is a pearly white-silver. His eyes are completely black, and when angered they glow like burning coal. He doesn't wear much jewelery: a delicate white gold and platinum circlet with saphires of clearly elven craftsmanship, a simple silver and pearl earring, the signet ring of the Vannya family and a silver ring with a row of small diamonds. He always has the ebon holy simbol of Freya his long dead mother gave him when he was little as a necklace, alongside a carved medallion of blessed mahogany. He wears elegant elvencrafted court finery of pure white with silver embroidery of leaves and butterflies. His familiar Cernan (a lyrakien azata) is never far from him, usually sitting on his shoulder, perching on his head or resting in his backpack. Cernan has dark skin, bright green hair in a ponytail, solid golden eyes and wings resembling those of a queen alexandra's birdwing. He wears a short linen tunic and white leather pants.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elegy Medvyed

Race/Sex/Class: Female Human Spellscar Oracle 
Age: Early twenties 
Height: 5'2" 
Weight: 116lb

Physical Appearance
A young fair skinned woman in her early twenties, her build is slender but athletic. Her eyes are a light brown, nearly amber, and hold in them a slight glint of madness. Her jet-black hair, carefully braided, falls to her mid-back, though several rebellious strands of hair poke haphazardly free.
Elegy looks the part of upper class trying very hard to look unassuming and touristy. She typically wears a very finely made tunic of gray-blue, a long skirt of somewhat lesser quality and high boots, both gray, with thick blue leggings beneath for modesty. Due to the current poor weather, she also wears a blue scarf and fur-lined green coat and gloves with a fur muffler hat. She carries a light crossbow.
Pose and Other
There is a very strong self-confidence underlying every action she takes. Perhaps she's in the middle of casting a spell?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thaddeus Torvan

Race/Sex: Human(Taldan)/Male
Age: Early 20s (23)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Game Stats: Str 17 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8
Physical Appearance
This young man has light bronze skin, his short auburn hair is blown back. He has a smug look upon his face, there is a small scar across his jaw. He has a lightly trimmed beard, its parted where the scar is.
While being very strong, he has about the same build as an average well fit human.
Clothing & Equipment 
A former Taldan Nobleman, Thaddeus's armor is a smokey grey breast plate with gloden floral design on the edges. He wears a cloak similar to his armor, it is also black and gold.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Branwynn and Yance Waynolt

Yance is 5’10”, 180 pounds, with brown hair and, though completely human has bright, glowing golden eyes (a throwback to the power that saved his people 5,000 years ago). He has a short “mountain man” beard, and his eyes are larger and his face longer than average. He was born a peasant, a simple farmer, though recently his life has taken a dramatic turn. On his back he carries a composite longbow and at his side an axe. He wears a Mithral breastplate, though it has been camouflaged in earth-tones for an archer’s practicality in stealth. He still carries the hard life of a peasant in his expression though. All he has in the world is Branwynn, and you can tell this by the way he stands next to her.

Branwynn, a half-elf, is 5’11”, 120 pounds, and drab. Long dishwater-blonde hair and gray eyes, a fear can be constantly detected in her gaze: the fear of persecution for being a witch. Her familiar is a Sugar Glider who lives in a small pouch that hangs from her neck. She keeps a dagger tied in her hair (a silvered, slightly curved blade that resembles a leaf) which belonged to her father, a member of the noble elven house Silverleaf. Clothing doesn’t matter much to her. She would have worn whatever would have been appropriate for a medieval bride. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Skel Delissar

Corsair/Sea reaver 
an Oni-Blood Teifling With strait horns coming from the top of his forehead with no curve to them a few inches long(not going forward at all) 
Black hair 
the brow line has bony growths and a pronounced chin with more bony growths 
Mouth with small fanges top and bottom 
His Skin is yellow like mustard yellow 
Oversized arms and hands missing his ring finger on his right hand 
Super muscular 
Clawed feet similar to dragon born from 4E 
And open vest and shorts is all he wears

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gudea Abd’Marduk Awil-um

Held in accidental magical stasis for millenia before his release, Gudea is one of the ancient priests of Marduk, the first men to master the art of wizardry at the dawn of history. He stil dresses in the archaic and ornate red, gold and orange regalia of the ancient priesthood of Marduk, complete with a prodigious tightly curled black beard and hairdo spilling to his shoulders and down his chest. As he is basically from the bronze age, his spellbook is in the form of a trunk full of cuneiform tablets. His familiar is a Harbinger Archon made of bronze rings and crystal shards whirling in an intricate pattern.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Izam Mobius Nathan Ferno (aka I.M.N.Ferno) 
Gender: Male 
Race: Goblin 
Eyes: Orange 
Hair: none (burned off) 
Classes: Rogue/Pyrokinetic 
Description: Unlike your average goblin, Izam is kind and caring; he's just socially inept and likes to burn things...A lot. He's constantly fighting the urge to light something on fire, because his friends would be mad at him. He's covered in scars from either fires or simply misunderstandings (he is a goblin living in human settlements after all) and his hands are always covered in slightly charred bandages. He wears a big floppy red legend-of-zelda-style hat and cloak with a flame motif (it makes him go faster) over his leather armor. He's a pyrokinetic and can produce flames with his mind.

Saturday, August 4, 2012



Male Half-orc Fighter 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Darker Red 
Armor: Full Plate
Major Items of Importance: 
- Heirloom Greatsword
- Belt of Physical Perfection 
Hasjua’s hair is straight shoulder length, worn in a ponytail, usually keeps a tankard on his belt, as he enjoys a good drink with friends and strangers alike. He is also the general of the nation, so he might have military adornments.

Powerfully built, Hasjua wears full plate armor, which he keeps in pristine condition. As a former guardsman in Brevoy, he values the regiment of organized military and well-kept equipment, but the hint of an untamed soul is betrayed by the glint in his eyes. Uncharacteristically handsome and charismatic for a half-orc, Hasjua is as adventuresome in his philandering ways as he is in his travels, despite coming from a well-adjusted and stable home of two half-orc parents and multiple siblings. 

Kelmdor Kenaber 

Male Half-elf Alchemist
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eye: Yellow-Green (Left eye is covered by a dark reddish brown eye patch)
Major Items of Importance:
- Headband of Vast Intelligence
- Bracers of Armor +4
- Folding Boat
Kelmdor’s dirty blonde hair is worn short and disheveled. He wears a long leather “duster”/lab coat. He is always loaded down with vials, ingredients, alchemical tools, mundane alchemical items, etc. He worships Cayden Cailean.

Even hailing from demon-warring Mendev, Kelmdor is a free spirit, taking up the adventuring life originally seeking eventual godhood (much like his patron deity). This free spirit seems to stand in stark contrast to his studious nature (though both add to his aloofness). There is a cursed artifact to thank for his missing eye; the item compelling him to rip out his own eye and attempt to shove the oversized gem into the socket. He is also the Magister of the nation, so he usually has at least one or two books jammed into his bag of holding. 

Vladimir Godwrath 

Male Human Paladin of Iomedae
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Armor: Full Plate
Major Items of Importance:
- Magical Kilij
- Crown of Conquest
Vladimir is the King of the nation and displays that air of regality constantly. His straight shoulder length dark black hair and heavy brow line easily betray his Ustalavian heritage. He usually wears a very serious look on his face. He proudly displays is holy symbol of Iomedae.

Vladimir is tall for a human, but by no means lanky. He is powerfully built, and wears a heavy suit of magic full plate armor, the pieces ranging in color from a light gun metal to silver. Vlad oozes charisma, though it can easily be as intimidating as it is diplomatic. He often carries a stern look. He is quick to stamp out evil, though as of late he has realized the importance of redemption. His hands are permanently charred black up to mid-forearm and display heavy scars on the palms in the shape of Iomadae’s holy symbol, resulting from a life-saving return of divine power that ripped a piece of his soul through a lay on hands to revive a dead ally of the party (the piece of soul has since been returned). 

Eli Jaxx 

Male Half-elf Ranger of Erastil
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Emerald Green
Armor: Mithril Chain Shirt
Animal Bond - Scar: Large Male Wolf (Grey) bearing a scar from the left side of its muzzle to above its right eye (from a vicious troll attack when it was a pup).
Major Items of Importance:
- Skybolt – Darkwood and Ivory +2 thundering composite longbow
- Cloak of Elvenkind
Eli’s long straight blonde hair is never tied up. He has a brooch to hold on his cloak in the shape of the symbol of Erastil. He keeps a tankard and hooded lantern on him, as well as all the hunting, fishing, and camping gear he might need.

Eli is a frontiersman through and through. The frankness and genuine demeanor of his face thinly veils a secretive nature that few can penetrate. He never travels without his Cloak of Elvenkind and often adventures with the hood up. The stoic blood of his elven nature is matched in equal part by the drive of his human nature. He is patient and resilient, yet passionate and bold. These contradicting forces of personality make the silent hunter all the more enigmatic. 

Borrias Duerek 

Male Dwarven Cleric of Torag
Hair/beard: Blonde
Eyes: Steel Grey
Armor: Dwarven Full Plate
Major Items of Importance:
- Headband of Inspired Wisdom
- Dwarven Full Plate (adamantine) with ancient dwarven runes acid-etched over its surface
Borrias is a jeweler in his spare time . Oddly, he has no mustache as part of his beard, as he doesn’t like dealing with the hassle it causes with food and ale.

Borrias wears his dwarven plate armor as much as a symbol of pride, as for protection. His stern look and stubborn attitude demand a respect and deferral from others, not directly associated with his titled role as the nation’s treasurer. He carries a warhammer, closely resembling Torag’s holy symbol and a heavy steel shield, bearing a topographical map of the stolen lands.

Friday, August 3, 2012


This was just a very short Illustration I wanted to use to illustrate my workflow. Unfortunately Camstudio wasn't able to render the recording right and it was lost... again.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Standing 5'7" and weighing in at ~120lbs Lizrabel is a fallen cleric of the sun that has renounced her former faith.  Her current patron is Asmodeus though the deal was set up through a Contract Devil that has himself been "demoted" to be her keeper and familiar, an imp named Raphijetiel (Fidget) that often disguises himself as a soot-black owl.  She has white hair and golden eyes.

This woman looks human, yet emanates a strange sense of calm and benevolence, a supernatural beauty that seems to emanate from within.  Clad in mithril armor that appears to have been lightly scorched by unholy flames, marring the otherwise pristine beauty of the breastplate.  The burden of guilt and regret hangs heavily about her, a weight of the world that seems far beyond what a woman of her apparent age should carry.  Her white hair is streaked with silver, kept in dreadlocks interwoven with blue ribbons that go down to just above her tailbone.  A sash, golden in color, is wrapped about her waist complimenting the hue of her eyes.  Beyond the armor and the sash the rest of her outfit consists of robes, in the dull greys and blacks of a woman in mourning, open in the front to reveal worn leather traveling pants and a pair of exquisitely crafted boots protected by mithril plating over her shins. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


A half-ruined man. Young but scarred and mentally damaged. Medium build, not gigantic. Fearful and cowardly look in his eyes, the suffering and woe is the source of his rage. A scrappy beard and unkempt hair. From Galt, a symbol of Lamashtu around his neck, crappy chain shirt, likely been damaged and put together a few times, wields a sword and warhammer.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girruth Stormhammer

Girruth Stormhammer 
A dwarf barbarian wearing scale armor and carrying a large shield and a waraxe. 
Gir is tall for a dwarf, around 5'6", and heavily muscled appearing almost as wide as he is tall. His beard is close cut and his head is shaved. He is heavily tattooed with various dwarven runes on both arms and up the sides of his neck to his jawline. He has a faded scar running across his face from the top of his head, across his right eye, and over his nose to the left corner of his mouth. Numerous scars on his forearms, some partially covered by tattoos and some cutting through other tattoos. Loose pants and heavy boots with steel covered toes cover his lower body. His arms are bare with the exception of a pair of heavily engraved metal bracers and he is wearing a thick golden ring on his left hand engraved with elven script.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rose Springdawn

She is a Samsaran Magus crunch wise. The young girl before you, a hand shy of six foot, stands with her hands clapsed before her, head downturned. Well kept black hair rests tied behind her head by a blue ribbon at her neck, going down to her waist. Two thick handfuls instead stream down her front, hiding her face behind it. Peering closer, behind the black strands, her face can be seen a pale coloring as though she is ill. Then realization dawns and it becomes clear her skin is actually a pale blue in color, make-up applied to give it a more natural appearance. As you scrutinize this, she looks up, giving another shock. Her eyes are a solid white color, though it almost seems as though they focus on you. The white orbs quickly look away under your scrutiny. Pulling your gaze back, she dresses in simple clothing. An earthtone tunic, long in sleeve and neck, with another shirt of links of chain on top of that. Simple trousers, matching the tunic, and sturdy black boots help round out the outfit. Surrounding her waist is a simple leather black belt with a steel buckle, on her left hip is a sheathed sword with a strange pouch dangling from her belt giving off an odd aroma of smells. Both of her hands are gloved, dyed black cotton, leaving no skin showing. The last part of her outfit is the long hooded black cloaks she wears, easily able to surround her.
Khodai the Black

He ended up being an Inquisitor/Magus (blackblade)/Anti-paladin, 20/20/20. 
He followed Hextor, and used a large bastardsword (blackblade). 
He had dark tones for a half giant, red eyes and white hair, almost charcoal skin. He wore mithral full plate, glammered to have a more imposing look. Almost everything he owned had the symbol for hextor on it. 
Khodai the Black was what he was called.

Friday, July 27, 2012


had probably been considered beautiful once, before whatever had happened to her occurred; her appearance looked to have once been fair and strong, if perhaps a little taller than some might have preferred. Her hair is slightly wavy, full and long, hanging down to the middle of her shoulderblades, and of a deep blood red so dark it seems almost black. Her skin is a dark brownish red in shade, visibly scarred and burnt over all, riddled with breaks and cracks, the whole of it reminiscent of a barren wasteland, scorched and broken by the heat of a relentless desert sun; her face bears the reddish shade and scalded texture of the rest of her body, but has been spared the riddling cracks and breaks that much of the rest of her suffered. Her teeth are black, and not at all human in shape, seeming more like fangs. The top of her head is oddly shaped: where her forehead should end it instead rises in a row of small yellowish bony spines, forming a natural crown of horns that holds her hair up and away from her face, though a few stray locks have managed to find their way down regardless. A star-shaped scar stands out vibrantly, slightly darker than the rest of her skin, in the center of her forehead. Her ears come to slight points, and have scars that suggested they had been pierced, despite lacking any adornment now. The sclera of her eyes are entirely black, veined with pale yellow rather than the expected red, with irises of a darker yellow-gold that seems to glow slightly on its own and pupils that are not the expected empty black but rather orangish-red like her eyes had been filled with fire.
She seems to be more wiry strength than raw muscle, toned and fit but not bulky. Her appearance is for all other purposes that of a human traveler in her late twenties or early thirties, save her hands - her fingers end in small white claws each approximately half an inch long and wickedly sharp. A star-shaped scar, exactly mirroring the one on her forehead, adorns the palm of her left hand.
Karish dresses in the garb of a traveler or adventurer. She wears a simple grey tunic, light blue denim traveling pants and comfortable brown mountain boots with thick leather soles. All of her clothing shows at least some wear from long use and time on the road, though it seems to remain in overall still good condition. Over her normal clothing she wears a suit of steel chainmail, overlaid with a black vest that has a few pockets for stray or useful small objects. At her wrists she wears bronze bracers, a small inscription or maker's mark of a cat and a falcon standing side-by-side adorns the one on her left hand just before the wrist. In her right hand she weilds a halberd, currently held with blade end pointed at the ground and the haft passing behind her.
She stands facing slightly to the left, head turned to look at the observer, left hand extended out towards them with hand bent back, palm out to show the star brand. Her halberd in her other hand points down at the ground, its haft passing behind her. An aura of fire surrounds the weapon's head and haft up to her hand, as well as both her arms up to her elbows. This glyph is drawn on the ground around her feet.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


He is 5'11" and of a athletic build not bulky from years spent ranging. He has a handsome square-jawed face with a short beard which he uses in attempt to cover a deep, old scar down the left side of his face. His hair is thick, shaggy and blond at about shoulders length.
He wears old and an oft repaired studded leather tunic of faded black (nearly grey from years of washing, repair and wear) shirt and trousers; he carries a large sword (Great sword) and a longbow slung at his back. All of his equipment is left over from previous rangers and is well looked after and well treated.
He is a fairly happy go lucky type and is usually quick to laugh and share a joke, always having at least a half smile on his face. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Age: 16 
Gender: Male 
Eyes: Elven in appearnce, one is red the other gold 
Skin: Pale, silken white 
Foot type: Digigrate hooves 
Build: Very scrawny, weighing about 78 lbs or so 
Hair: Black, down to his midback 
Notes: His chest is the most muscular thing about him (has to be, so he can actully flap his wings) 
Has a very large wingspan, about 25 feet from wingtip to wingtip if his wings were spread out competly. 
He's very... feminine in looks, almost "bishie" to use an anime term. 
He has long black horns that resemble an eastern dragon's. One has six tines, the other has five. 
He usually either wears a simple leather set of armour or long black robes. 
Very important, he's got glasses, just simple ones. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Captain Janessa

I just had to try the captains quarters but obviously I have to do a lot more background Illustrations.

About 5’10”, wiry with signs of muscle tone. 
‘Soft’ rounder/oval face, sharp-ish nose 
Green/blue eyes, thick-ish eyebrows 
Impish grin 
Dark brown hair, just past shoulder-length, curly and chaotic. Perhaps in a pony-tail that refuses to stay bound. Also a braid or two, with sea shells, animal bones, feathers, etc, woven in. 
Long, slender fingers 
Breasts are on the smaller size, and amount of cleavage is left to the artist. 
Parrot familiar [blue and yellow plumage, older bird and missing some feathers] 
Cutlass with a pommel in the shape of a skull [It's the Tidewater Cutlass, if you have the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path Book 1] 
Regular pistol in belt 
Leather belt with kraken buckle 
Barefoot, ankle jewelery (coral anklets, etc) 
Pants with bottoms rolled up, white sailor’s shirt 
Tricorne hat [black, weather-beaten and salt-stained] 
Right arm has shark bite scars 
Right upper arm has tattoo of a Megalodon [Dire Shark] 
Left upper arm has tattoo of a giant squid 
Upper Arm jewelery (coral, gold, leather, etc) 
No earrings. 
Leather and coral choker with Besmara holy symbol (skull and crossbones) 
Amulet made of human bones around neck 
Magical leather Bracers of Armor. The left Bracer has a dagger in a forearm sheath

If you really, really want to go crazy. Her ship is called the Sudden Departure, it's a three masted sailing ship, and she has converted her Captain's Quarters into a grove, with shallow-rooted fruit trees, berry bushes, and a vegetable garden.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kimiko Kaijitsu

Kimiko Kaijitsu – Gunslinger (Musket Master) / Rogue (Sniper) 
17 years old, blue-green eyes, Human of Tian (Japanese) descent 
5’3” tall with a small frame typical of Tian women, but still some curve. Has a stubborn and feisty personality from growing up in the shadow of her older sister Ameiko. The face I see when I picture her is of Ellen Wong (played Knives in Scott Pilgrim vs the World).

Kimi has a style all her own that is somewhere between a pirate, a gunslinger, and a gypsy. She wears her pants comfortable but well-fitting, with a long-sleeved shirt under a fitted vest and a bright multicolored sash at the waist (blues, greens, and purples). Boots are knee-high with a low heel (no more than ½ inch, flat not spiked). She wears a bandolier with many pouches (think adventurer’s sash from Seekers of Secrets) to hold her various musket ammo and gear. She also wears a light, sleeveless, duster-type coat that falls to about knee-length. Leather bracers cinch up the shirt at her forearms so she doesn’t catch it when loading, and she wears a pair of light fingerless gloves to protect her hands without losing tactile senses for finer tasks.
The musket itself is nearly as long as Kimiko is tall - approx to her shoulder or a little shorter (no less than ¾ her own height). I almost see the length as semi-comical for those who initially see her carrying the rare weapon, and then the laughing stops when she applies her skill with it. She also carries a rapier and has a knife in one boot.
Born on the day of the Swallowtail Festival, Kimi has become a fan of butterflies and wears a small set of glass and wire butterfly earrings with a matching choker necklace. She wears her hair just above shoulder length, layered and with purple streaks. When out ‘adventuring’, she wears a head scarf to keep it neat (think something along the lines of a Varisian head scarf, without any coins). 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Midori Aoi

Her pale skin has a very slight blue hue that sets of and enhances her expressive eyes. Eyes that reflect the hardships undergone, whilst showing a playful and flighty nature. As the shadows play across her elegant features her eyes take on a sapphire cast. Her seraphic face is framed by a swathe of thick silvery hair that curls down her back to rest on the small of her back. Her svelte body gracefully flows across the floor, hinting at the danger in her attractive frame.
She wears sleeveless scale mail, that channels the air elements blowing her long hair around her. Down each arm a snake tattoo wraps around, the head in the palm of her hand. Long thigh-high black boots, which just expose a winged serpent tattoo upon her legs.
On her hip is a long elven curved-blade (katana), jade hilted with no guard.

Friday, July 20, 2012


she has been thru many custume changes. So I'll go with the latest. Yes it is completely slutty...but she just has been thur a bad break up...and is trying to attract a mate. She is a intelligent wolf turned into a human and has very little understanding of human culture...anyway enough back story.
She is young pretty girl with straight blond hair that goes about to the mid back. Her eyes are the only thing unusual about her appearence being canine yellow. Her current custume is a black skirt with black fishnet stockings. Her top is a black leather corset with a black leather high heel low boots and wears fingerless gloves and has claws. She is a wolf shamen that cast spells...or if you could have a ghostly image of a wold in the drawing that would be great.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Akilah Swiftfoot

is a 20 year old Natural Lycanthrope Crossblooded Sorcerer. Her bloodlines are Elemental (Air) and Draconic (Silver). I would love to see both her human and her were-serval forms if possible. The descriptions will be more of when she's manifested elements of her bloodlines.
Their facial structures are very similar, but Akilah's hair is a silvery white. She also has freckles reminiscent of her Serval form, and some very light silver dragon scales mixed in with her pale human skin. Her eyes are an icy blue color. She does not have a tail nor does she have wings. Her hands have become a bit claw-like at the fingertips. I have contemplated on whether or not she has small silver dragon-like horns. I can leave that up to you if you feel it fits her image.
For her hybrid form, Akilah is a were-serval, though her fur has become silver instead of the tawny color of a normal serval. All the black markings remain (including the four arching spots she has on her forehead as her signature spot pattern. There is otherwise no set spot pattern elsewhere). Her eyes are the same icy blue as her human form. For her hair, its more or less intermixed with the fur along the back of her head and neck, and it is also silver in color.
General personality and clothing:
She's extremely inquisitive, and has a bit of a sarcastic streak when it comes to humor. While growing up, she was known for pulling pranks on her mentor and had disliked reading. This has changed quite a bit as she began adventuring (she is absolutely fascinated by dragons, which have not been seen for centuries in her world, and that was before she found out she has dragon blood). For clothing, she tends toward more earthy colors and wears no shoes in her hybrid form. Her clan is from a forest that borders the desert, so that gives a bit of an idea on the sort of clothing she prefers. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, fighting both in melee with her claws, and with her magic at both close and far ranges. She does have a spellstoring dagger, but its more for her human form than when she is in hybrid form. She spends most of her time in hybrid form unless she is in town.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nicos Lebeda

A tiefling Bladebound Kensai. He is albino, with shoulder length bright white hair. He is in his late teens, tall and slim, with completely red eyes (no white at all) with slitted pupils. His horns are very small, not actually breaking the skin on his forhead, more like subdermal implants (Reference), and he usually attempts to hide them with his hair. He is the illegitimate son of an envoy to Cheliax from Brevoy, and his father doted on him (until his death) so he carries himself in a manner that tends to come off as arrogant to others. His only real signature items are his battered pewter mug that denotes him as a follower of Cayden and his fathers Aldori Dueling Sword which is also his Black Blade. It has a damascus steel blade with a swan (the symbol of his fathers house) for the pommel. His clothing should be plain and worn but clean, with no armor. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Xane and Vincenzo

Xane is a sentient skeletal warrior, usually in tattered shirt and pants, and wields a halberd. His eyes are always a nebulous blue, with a brighter blue in the center.

Vinny (Vincenzo) is a kobold dressed in pirate finery, and a devilish grin. He dual wields a rapier and dagger, but rarely draws first. A real lady's humanoid.

They are the main characters of the Xane Webcomic. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012


A seasoned military man who has taken up work as a mercenary. Danny has an average build with dark features, his signature weapon is a heavy crossbow which is used to great effect at long range. His armor consist of nothing more than a old stitched up cloth uniform from his military days. Danny is based on modern special forces as inspiration.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Das ist mal wieder ein Bild das ewig gedauert hat bis ich es endlich in Angriff genommen habe. Schon Weihnachten hatte ich auf Deviantart versprochen eine Illustration dieser Kriegerin umzusetzen. Sie wurde schon von zahlreichen Künstlern interpretiert.


a dwarven barbarian/inquisitor of Besmara (the pirate goddess) named Chumbeard. He will have two peglegs, a hook hand, and an eyepatch. Armed with a boarding (battle)axe. Was called to Besmara when he fell overboard during a shark feeding frenzy and managed to survive.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dr. Virgil Halifax

Synthesist Summoner; middle-aged half-elf from Cheliax.
Hair: short, greased back, brown and graying, trimmed goatee ;
Eyes: violet-blue, reading glasses.
He tends to wear high-brow suits (usually three pieces and tails) along with a bowler-style cap. He wear a look of kindness, but the bags under his eyes reveal more of the loneliness and horror he's seen. As he tips his hat, he reveals the bastard in his bloodline, transforming into his eidolon, a monstrous winged ape-like demon. In this form, he has beady eyes under a heavy brow and tusks that jut forward in an under-bite. his skin seams almost like stone; the veins in his immense arms could be confused with cracks in his obsidian palor.

I was thinking of him tipping his hat in the foreground and his eidolon behind (Large size) signifying the transformation. 

Rurik of Clan Delver

Rurik has black hair and green eyes. His mustache and beard are kept neatly trimmed and is beard is braided so that it requires but a single silver beard clasp to keep it secured. His beard hangs approximately 2/3 of the way down his torso. The beard clasp depicts Ruriks' makers mark of an anvil with hammer standing on its handle in front of the anvil. His face is scarless.
Rurik is in peak physical condition with barely an speck of fat on him. He is barrel chested and does not have the belly so many other dwarves do. When he is not wearing his armor he is dressed normally in an solid colored shirt that laces at the neck. He wears dark colored pants and wears black boots that turn down just below the knee. He wears a silver tipped black belt with an adjustable chest strap, with a silver buckle, that crosses his chest from the left hip to the right shoulder. The chest strap allows him to wear his Urgrosh secured on his back. He has a silver tankard that hangs on his right hip. A belt pouch is worn on the right hip behind the tankard.
The Dwarven Urgrosh that he carries with him at all times is an ancient weapon bearing his clans ancient crest of an anvil with a crossed hammer and mining pick.
Rurik's armor is self made dwarven battle plate. The helmet does not have any horns on it and open around the eyes. The armor is crafted from the finest steel available and quite heavy. The armor is finished so as to cause minimal light reflection.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lyrysa Shadowhisper

She is an evil elven enchantress. Light skinned (almost pale), long silver colored hair (waist length, flowing), dark purple eyes (Golarion Elf style).
Style of dress would be seductive in nature, feel free for creative license on this and modify it. What I picture is a lowcut top, sleeveless but long gloves, with a skirt long in back, just above the knees in front, split on both sides. Boots coming up to around the knees. A gold chain belt surrounds the waist with a golden tiara, a gem in the middle at her forehead. Rings on fingers. A sword (either Longsword or Rapier) can hang from her side if you want to include it, though mostly decorative. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kethil Wyvernsbane

Kethil stands 5'8". Her parents are a Desert Elf and a Vampyrri Human(like a dhampir). Her father is currently the avatar of the deity of fate. Her mother is the daughter of the avatar of the deity of Fire, who for some reason is a succubus that is good aligned. She became smitten with a cleric of that same deity and started working on getting him. She is very wealthy and so tends to wear only the finest materials. 

Through an adventure in an abandoned temple she took up being a cleric of a water god by the name of Nereus. His symbol is a wave forming a cutlass. She commissioned her Holy symbol to be made out of amethyst, sapphire and aquamarine to fit the theme and his colors. 

She has somewhat pale skin, black hair and amethyst eyes. Her succubus heritage seeps out in her beauty and ability to charm males if she wishes. She generally prefers to wear a dress and tends to wear Nereus' colors now. His colors are ocean blues and purples. She wears her hair down, but in a style that keeps it out of her face in battle. She wields a cutlass and has a whip for when she does not want to get in close. 


 is a human synthesist with the appearance of a classical roman angel. He Stands 6' tall with shoulder length red hair and green eyes. Build wise, he is, again, classical roman / greek with strong features and well defined proportions.
When fused, he appears to be wearing silver and gold Lorica Squamata i.e. Roman scale armor. No helmet is worn. He will also manifest white dove wings.

In armament he differs from the typical roman image, carrying a mithral Daisho. 

Sigfried de Aragon

Dark clothing with a symbol of a 5 headed dragon, Tiamat on the chest. He wields a massive two handed flail, and is much more draconic/reptilian looking, with an elongated snout, prominent teeth, and much coarser, dark brown (near black) scales.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


'Monty' Amontillado is a half-elf rogue big on muscle and big on charm.
The sort of roguish bad-boy that all the mother warned their daughters about, Monty looks like a romance novel cover model come to life.

Had he been born on Earth instead of Golarion, his dark and swarthy looks would give clear indication of his mothers Italian ancestry, offset with some of the finer features of his fathers Elven blood.

His hair is raven black in colour, from the slicked back and tied into a long plait.

His looks are dark and smouldering, handsome, but definitely bad-boy in nature...

TLDR - Ultimately he's a pretty physical guy, a Rogue Thug with big Str and a very respectable Cha stat (and the Charming trait). He's half elven, dark hair, dark features, has an elven curve blade, and is generally a well dressed Sczarni - well dressed medieval mafiosa. His chain shirt is masterwork.

I guess for 'dark and smouldery looks' you might consider the Jake Gylenhaal Prince of Persia, or just look for any bodice ripper romance novel with 'pirate' or 'rogue' on the cover - its all swarthy looks and 5 o'clock shadows on chisel jaws and flashy biceps under manly (yet elegant) eyebrows with smouldery eyes.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jorrah Mermont

the Grey Headhunter. He is a human fighter, and he wears full plate armor and uses a great sword. Being in his 40's his once dirty blonde hair is greying now and his face is showing his battle scars now. His armor shows once fine crafted knightly design, but has since aged hard like its wearer. With his massive sword he is lucky if he doesn't remove the upper body along with his targets head.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


(Human Barbarian/Oracle): Ulric stands at an even 6 foot, blond wavy hair flows down to his shoulders, it is keep off his eyes by a simple leather headband. Bright blue eyes look out from a pale and ruggedly handsome face. His long blond beard and moustache are both braided. Ulric body has a thin frame but it is covered with solid muscle and he is able to push all his physical limits when entering a berserker rage. His long legs can carry him with swift and sure strides.
Ulric wears an ornate set of breastplate armor over worn but serviceable travelling clothes made of seal-leather dyed blue and white. The motif on the armor shows a long-ship cresting a wave. Sturdy Whale-fur boots are tied with seal-leather cords.
Ulric carries a long hafted great-axe. The grey steel blade, forged by a master-smith of his homeland, has a similar motif to the armor. A fully stocked backpack and numerous belt pouches allow Ulric to organise his equipment, which can at times be of critical importance.
Despite his formidable appearance Ulric has an easygoing nature and is quick to smile. He is willing to buy everyone drinks and tell them tales of his homeland or his recent adventures. However there is something slightly odd about him, to most people it is just a minor feeling of unease caused by strange noises, odd shifts of breeze or a drop in temperature. To those with The Sight, mostly harmless but sometimes malevolent otherworldly spirits surround Ulric. These are only able to affect the physical world in some minor ways as noted earlier or rearranging Ulric's gear in his backpack. Ulric is, however, learning to tap into this phenomenon as a source of knowledge and power.