Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ellianna Flynn and Mew

Ellianna is a 21 year old summoner living in the Green Kingdom (Kingdom name for the lands claimed from the "Stolen Lands" in a Kingmaker Campaign). She wears her straight long brown hair in two wide pony tails that spread out off the sides and down past her back. She has an average complexion from alternating trips out adventuring and staying indoors for extended periods of time reading books or crafting. Her clothing tends towards the simple, a commoner's dress (with a childish appearance) underneath either a smith's apron or her All-Tools vest. Underneath, likely not visible to most, is a very light weight shirt of celestial chainmail. Hooked to the sides of her belt is a little china doll that resembles her sister (unbound Soul Doll), and her ornate adamantine dagger that she uses for crafting and killing bad guys. She also has a very complex looking crossbow she constructed, with a ton of gears that resembles something out of steampunk.
Her companion and best friend in her journeys is her Eidolon "Mew". She refers to Mew as her "Fluffy Planar Kitty" and is a large sized serious looking cat with the strength and claws of leopard or panther, but the looks of a fluffy cat with overly long ears (anime elf sized) and gossamer wings.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tarim and Roslyn

-Tarim is a male halfling fighter standing only a few feet tall. He wears well taken care of custom fitted full plate minus the helmet and a blue cloak. He would likely have the Andoran symbol (a gold eagle clutching a sword) as a cloak or belt clasp or both. He wields a great sword with eagle motif crossbar above the hilt and carries a few javelins on his back. He has slightly unruly black hair, blue eyes and an easy smile with a few small scars on his face and hands. Also he would be barefoot with the common hairy Halfling feet. Tarim recently became a knight and I would like if possible to have a noble presence to him along with a sarcastic bearing.

If possible I would like to be posing with my wife’s character Rosalyn and possibly in the background her animal companion Midknight. If this is to big of a change I understand.

Roslyn is a blond haired beautiful human ranger; she has big bright blue eyes and a slightly upturned nose. Her hair is slightly unruly and down to the middle of her back. Roslyn is always on guard and swift to strike. She is 5 foot 7 inches and 135 lbs. She uses a dark green long bow, which is intricately designed with leaves in an elven/forest motif and employs a variety of arrows, mostly bane of anything. She has a dark blue cloak and wears brown leather armor that is covered with pockets and buckles. She has a short sword that is just for emergencies, and hardly ever used, so it looks like new.

Roslyn has a wolf named MidKinght. He is a wild wolf that is as large as a horse. He is dark and has bright blue eyes and large white teeth. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Elledara and Lorelei

She is a Dhampir that is aged 17, she is lithe, with a dancers build, and a little over five feet tall.

She has split personality disorder, one is a bard and that is the one that is the primary. She is chipper and very much a social person. She carries a rapier, but rarely draws it and instead focuses on her music, by playing a guitar. This one answers to Elledara.

The second personality is darker, and a sorceress, she is cold, and aloof, and would prefer to strike you down first then speak with dead to ask you her questions. This one goes by Lorelei.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Cook

"The Cook"

Standing 5'8" he has a slight, but powerful build. He is extremely serious about his 
food, and fighting, and he approaches both with an obsessive pursuit for perfection. He is always immaculately groomed, with a clean shaven face and head. His brown eyes are typical of his Tian (Chinese) heritage. He is in his early 20's.

He is a welcome traveling companion, (who really wants to eat dried meat for weeks at a time) and gets along well with his friends.

He generally dresses in orange (a throwback to his first class, a monk) and browns. I tend to play martial classes (monk and an archer so far, polearm fighter and dagger rogue will come later) so if he could have a physically capable look to him, that would be great.

If you could draw him with a Chinese style cleaver (the one constant in his equipment selection) that would be outstanding.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mad James Read

Up-and-coming elf pirate (sorcerer, unknown aquatic bloodline that manifests visibly only in his subtly alien demeanor and slightly large eyes) with an unpredictable nature and a tendency towards evil. He's ruthless and manipulative, and prone to telling bald-faced lies about his past if it will help him build trust with others. He has few loyalties, and turns to violence when it suits him to do so.

He's slim and physically frail, and rarely uses weapons or wears any kind of armor. He struggles with physical labor on-board the ship, but has recently managed to attain the status of first-mate and thus escape from almost any work that doesn't involve manipulating the captain and giving orders. He's been press-ganged into the pirating life against his will, but has found that his affinity to water and lack of empathy make him well-suited to survival on the seas.

He's most likely dirty and weather-beaten, like the rest of his crew. He's fragile but confident in his ability to solve problems and turn people (and circumstances) in his favor when necessary.

Eyes: Gray 
6'0" and only 130 lbs 
Hair: Blonde, almost white 
Scar: He has an intimidating scar that crosses over his left eye from brow to cheek, which resulted from a spiked grate dropping on his head, nearly killing him.

STR 8; DEX 15; CON 10; INT 14; WIS 10; CHA 17

Equipment: Magic silver amulet, assorted potions, hooded lantern, and a rarely-used knife. Otherwise, wears typical pirate garb.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Kem Goz

Name: Kem Goz, fortune teller.

Basic details: Male, Elf, Witch, from Ustalav. Has a purplish hood or cowl to shade himself, but does not hide his face much. Face reveals great intelligence, as if deep in thought. Hands show long, quick, dextrous fingers. Body build is willowy, but not feeble.

A fennec fox is his familiar (very small fox with large ears and a brown and white coat). A GIS for "fennec fox" will give you thousands of pics to work from. They are very cute, but this one should be slightly serious, perhaps even sinister? After all, it represents an unknown yet powerful magical patron.

Notable gear: The one obvious item I would want highlighted in the picture would be a Harrow Deck, clearly ancient and well-used, but in decent condition. Perhaps magical? He's a fortune teller by trade.

Other gear: unstrung shortbow, silvered longsword, many scrolls, a few potions and wands, and some other odd bits (soup ladle, tallow candles, finger of troll, eye of stirge, that sort of thing...