Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dhima Hona

Dhima Hona: 
Race: Vanara 
Sex: Male 
Class: Gunslinger 
Fur Color: Orangutan Orange 
Eye color: Black
Dhima is a gruff and grumble yet slightly psychotic simian who lives by the "go ahead, make my day" philosophy. His face is scared up one side from a powder keg accident, yet he still smokes his cigars from that side. He wears a dirty, moth-ridden wide-brimmed hat with a set of dark lensed goggles on them (Goggles of Night), and a geometric-patterned rustic poncho. I see him as kind of a mix between Jonah hex and The Stranger from the Oddworld series, but, you know, a monkey. He dual-wields twin magical pepperboxes, that he rotates with his tail. Very Western Feel. I'd love to see him in a pose with both weapons drawn.

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