Monday, December 17, 2012

Alissariel Kirmoon

I just can't post the description here, the commissionee did an incredible job and even collected a whole wiki for her.  Hope it's okay to post the link. ->

I feel a bit bad since I couldn't fit all of that into the timeframe I gave myself for those illustrations.

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  1. Her face, skin, hair, muscle tone, and proportions ALL look perfect! You even got her smirk down!

    The dress design that you came up with is attractive and flattering without being inappropriate, and red is one of her two favorite colors — quite apropos for Christmas-time too.

    As for the Fennec and the monkey, no worries there. I suspected that might be a bit much and I'm glad you focused on Alis herself. Oh and thanks also for adding her name in her own handwriting font. You really do have amazing attention to detail!

    Thanks so much, Ruloc! ^_^

    And yes, you have my permission to link to the wiki page for this commission. If anyone is interested in the Pathfinder game in which Alis appears, it's Rumble in the Jungle on Paizo (just sort the PbP forum by post count and we're in the top-10).