Monday, March 4, 2013

Kem Goz

Name: Kem Goz, fortune teller.

Basic details: Male, Elf, Witch, from Ustalav. Has a purplish hood or cowl to shade himself, but does not hide his face much. Face reveals great intelligence, as if deep in thought. Hands show long, quick, dextrous fingers. Body build is willowy, but not feeble.

A fennec fox is his familiar (very small fox with large ears and a brown and white coat). A GIS for "fennec fox" will give you thousands of pics to work from. They are very cute, but this one should be slightly serious, perhaps even sinister? After all, it represents an unknown yet powerful magical patron.

Notable gear: The one obvious item I would want highlighted in the picture would be a Harrow Deck, clearly ancient and well-used, but in decent condition. Perhaps magical? He's a fortune teller by trade.

Other gear: unstrung shortbow, silvered longsword, many scrolls, a few potions and wands, and some other odd bits (soup ladle, tallow candles, finger of troll, eye of stirge, that sort of thing... 

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