Friday, April 27, 2012

Natalia Luccini Tiefling Summoner
An attractive female in her early to mid twenties. Light reddish brown skin, amethyst eyes. Two slim horns protrude from her forehead tapering to dull points as they follow the curve of her head back. Blueish black hair, tied back in a pony tail, reaching to her shoulder blades with azure streaks running back from her horns. She has a slim but curvaceous figure. A slender tail reaches down to about mid calf.
Her attire is well made and sturdy, more practical than fashionable, but still a touch stylish. Leather boots come most of the way up her calves the tops turned down forming a cuff. Close fitting trousers, possibly a softer more supple leather. On her top half she wears a tunic secured at the waist by a sash, the front and back of the tunic hang to about knee height, where as the sides only come down to the hips.

Possibly wearing a bodice over that, and either a short sleeved bolero or zouve jacket rounding it off. A satchel hangs at one hip the strap running from the opposite shoulder, and a small pouch rests at her other hip secured to the sash.
And of course her Eidolon

AlteĆ” 5’9”
A couple of inches taller than Talia, and a bit more muscular, but overall the same proportions. Her horns are thicker at the base, and taper to points, they are also more prominent, not following the curve of her head as closely. Her skin has the likeness of red marble, a featureless white marble mask covers her face. A pair of black feathered wings adorn her back, the feathers edged with a golden hue, they do not look big enough to allow for flight.
Wears either a bustier or halter top, with bare midriff, trousers and boots, all in black and red leather.

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