Friday, April 27, 2012

Gnome Summoner, Skotty Nar. Two descriptions either will work (character is a synthetist that fights inside his summoned creature).

Out of eidolon: Skotty is a small framed Gnome, with short brown hair (balding with a receding hairline) and an 'Amish' style mustache-less beard. A weapon crafter by trade, he is dressed in functional engineer-style garb, with a bandoleer of tools, as he often crafts weapons or clockwork toys (using mage hand to have is tools float around as needed.) He is never far from his comically oversized pole-axe.

In Eidolon: Skotty is piloting a clockwork battle mech, a steam-punk styled summon creature (medium sized) that either wields the human sized glaive that Skotty built, or fights with claws and teeth (I envision a glorified bear trap for a mouth)

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