Thursday, November 15, 2012

Charlotte Tesser

26 years old, 5'6" high.
Doesn't look very roguish - she's actually more of a scholar, since she works as a librarian and uses that to spend most of her time reading. As a result, she looks pretty scrawny and unassuming.
Her hair is black and slightly wavy, which makes it even more apparent that it's almost always messy. Goes a little past her shoulders. Also wears under-rimmed glasses, behind which you can see her black eyes.
As for clothes, they're pretty simple, being a white dress shirt, a black vest over it, and a long black skirt.
Now, her personality... she's kind of a grumpy, reclusive ass who doesn't like to relate to anyone other than her younger sister. Still, she can be nice if you somehow manage to get on her good side, but that can be pretty hard.
Finally, she really, really loves books and firearms.

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