Friday, November 16, 2012

Howell B. Talbot III

Howell is modeled after Thurston Howell III, from Gilligan's Island, played by Jim Backus . So, imagine a younger Mr. Howell, with a thin, trimmed beard (like Riker's beard from Star Trek: TNG).
Howell wears a golden suit of adamantine full plate (complete with spiked shoulders), with a gold cloak. He sports "Justice", his shocking battle axe of animal bane (long story), and a light steel shield (these could be optional in a waist-up illustration, really). Abadar's Key symbol is prevalent on his belt buckle, shield, and the holy symbol hanging around his neck.
Further background and stats, and an earlier illustration by Hugo Solis, are included in "The Register" article in Wayfinder #3.

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  1. Excellent work, Frank! That is SUPERB!

    It even takes the sting out of the fact that Howell died in the last session we had (but hopefully he'll be raised next time!).

    Many, many thanks to you!