Friday, February 8, 2013

Wayfinder #8 - Weal and Woe

Wow... it's been quite some time ever since I uploaded something. And I wish I could say it's another commission from the Paizo-Character-List.

A Gifted sorceress and oracle, and daughter to a brutal ulfen raider, Eric the Sea Crow.  This Weal or Woe is also going to be used as the source for a sidetrek adventure, written by Larry Wilhelm for the Pathfinder Fanzine: Wayfinder #8.

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  1. Hello Frank I really love your drawings. I wish I could draw as good as you. I check this blog every week to see if you've come up with any new drawings. Some of your drawings have been the basis for some of my favorite characters I've made. If you ever are looking for something to draw let me know because I have some characters that are looking for a magnificent picture such as yours. Keep up the good work!