Sunday, August 12, 2012

Branwynn and Yance Waynolt

Yance is 5’10”, 180 pounds, with brown hair and, though completely human has bright, glowing golden eyes (a throwback to the power that saved his people 5,000 years ago). He has a short “mountain man” beard, and his eyes are larger and his face longer than average. He was born a peasant, a simple farmer, though recently his life has taken a dramatic turn. On his back he carries a composite longbow and at his side an axe. He wears a Mithral breastplate, though it has been camouflaged in earth-tones for an archer’s practicality in stealth. He still carries the hard life of a peasant in his expression though. All he has in the world is Branwynn, and you can tell this by the way he stands next to her.

Branwynn, a half-elf, is 5’11”, 120 pounds, and drab. Long dishwater-blonde hair and gray eyes, a fear can be constantly detected in her gaze: the fear of persecution for being a witch. Her familiar is a Sugar Glider who lives in a small pouch that hangs from her neck. She keeps a dagger tied in her hair (a silvered, slightly curved blade that resembles a leaf) which belonged to her father, a member of the noble elven house Silverleaf. Clothing doesn’t matter much to her. She would have worn whatever would have been appropriate for a medieval bride. 

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