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Male Half-orc Fighter 
Hair: Black 
Eyes: Darker Red 
Armor: Full Plate
Major Items of Importance: 
- Heirloom Greatsword
- Belt of Physical Perfection 
Hasjua’s hair is straight shoulder length, worn in a ponytail, usually keeps a tankard on his belt, as he enjoys a good drink with friends and strangers alike. He is also the general of the nation, so he might have military adornments.

Powerfully built, Hasjua wears full plate armor, which he keeps in pristine condition. As a former guardsman in Brevoy, he values the regiment of organized military and well-kept equipment, but the hint of an untamed soul is betrayed by the glint in his eyes. Uncharacteristically handsome and charismatic for a half-orc, Hasjua is as adventuresome in his philandering ways as he is in his travels, despite coming from a well-adjusted and stable home of two half-orc parents and multiple siblings. 

Kelmdor Kenaber 

Male Half-elf Alchemist
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eye: Yellow-Green (Left eye is covered by a dark reddish brown eye patch)
Major Items of Importance:
- Headband of Vast Intelligence
- Bracers of Armor +4
- Folding Boat
Kelmdor’s dirty blonde hair is worn short and disheveled. He wears a long leather “duster”/lab coat. He is always loaded down with vials, ingredients, alchemical tools, mundane alchemical items, etc. He worships Cayden Cailean.

Even hailing from demon-warring Mendev, Kelmdor is a free spirit, taking up the adventuring life originally seeking eventual godhood (much like his patron deity). This free spirit seems to stand in stark contrast to his studious nature (though both add to his aloofness). There is a cursed artifact to thank for his missing eye; the item compelling him to rip out his own eye and attempt to shove the oversized gem into the socket. He is also the Magister of the nation, so he usually has at least one or two books jammed into his bag of holding. 

Vladimir Godwrath 

Male Human Paladin of Iomedae
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Armor: Full Plate
Major Items of Importance:
- Magical Kilij
- Crown of Conquest
Vladimir is the King of the nation and displays that air of regality constantly. His straight shoulder length dark black hair and heavy brow line easily betray his Ustalavian heritage. He usually wears a very serious look on his face. He proudly displays is holy symbol of Iomedae.

Vladimir is tall for a human, but by no means lanky. He is powerfully built, and wears a heavy suit of magic full plate armor, the pieces ranging in color from a light gun metal to silver. Vlad oozes charisma, though it can easily be as intimidating as it is diplomatic. He often carries a stern look. He is quick to stamp out evil, though as of late he has realized the importance of redemption. His hands are permanently charred black up to mid-forearm and display heavy scars on the palms in the shape of Iomadae’s holy symbol, resulting from a life-saving return of divine power that ripped a piece of his soul through a lay on hands to revive a dead ally of the party (the piece of soul has since been returned). 

Eli Jaxx 

Male Half-elf Ranger of Erastil
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Emerald Green
Armor: Mithril Chain Shirt
Animal Bond - Scar: Large Male Wolf (Grey) bearing a scar from the left side of its muzzle to above its right eye (from a vicious troll attack when it was a pup).
Major Items of Importance:
- Skybolt – Darkwood and Ivory +2 thundering composite longbow
- Cloak of Elvenkind
Eli’s long straight blonde hair is never tied up. He has a brooch to hold on his cloak in the shape of the symbol of Erastil. He keeps a tankard and hooded lantern on him, as well as all the hunting, fishing, and camping gear he might need.

Eli is a frontiersman through and through. The frankness and genuine demeanor of his face thinly veils a secretive nature that few can penetrate. He never travels without his Cloak of Elvenkind and often adventures with the hood up. The stoic blood of his elven nature is matched in equal part by the drive of his human nature. He is patient and resilient, yet passionate and bold. These contradicting forces of personality make the silent hunter all the more enigmatic. 

Borrias Duerek 

Male Dwarven Cleric of Torag
Hair/beard: Blonde
Eyes: Steel Grey
Armor: Dwarven Full Plate
Major Items of Importance:
- Headband of Inspired Wisdom
- Dwarven Full Plate (adamantine) with ancient dwarven runes acid-etched over its surface
Borrias is a jeweler in his spare time . Oddly, he has no mustache as part of his beard, as he doesn’t like dealing with the hassle it causes with food and ale.

Borrias wears his dwarven plate armor as much as a symbol of pride, as for protection. His stern look and stubborn attitude demand a respect and deferral from others, not directly associated with his titled role as the nation’s treasurer. He carries a warhammer, closely resembling Torag’s holy symbol and a heavy steel shield, bearing a topographical map of the stolen lands.

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