Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elegy Medvyed

Race/Sex/Class: Female Human Spellscar Oracle 
Age: Early twenties 
Height: 5'2" 
Weight: 116lb

Physical Appearance
A young fair skinned woman in her early twenties, her build is slender but athletic. Her eyes are a light brown, nearly amber, and hold in them a slight glint of madness. Her jet-black hair, carefully braided, falls to her mid-back, though several rebellious strands of hair poke haphazardly free.
Elegy looks the part of upper class trying very hard to look unassuming and touristy. She typically wears a very finely made tunic of gray-blue, a long skirt of somewhat lesser quality and high boots, both gray, with thick blue leggings beneath for modesty. Due to the current poor weather, she also wears a blue scarf and fur-lined green coat and gloves with a fur muffler hat. She carries a light crossbow.
Pose and Other
There is a very strong self-confidence underlying every action she takes. Perhaps she's in the middle of casting a spell?

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