Thursday, August 2, 2012


Standing 5'7" and weighing in at ~120lbs Lizrabel is a fallen cleric of the sun that has renounced her former faith.  Her current patron is Asmodeus though the deal was set up through a Contract Devil that has himself been "demoted" to be her keeper and familiar, an imp named Raphijetiel (Fidget) that often disguises himself as a soot-black owl.  She has white hair and golden eyes.

This woman looks human, yet emanates a strange sense of calm and benevolence, a supernatural beauty that seems to emanate from within.  Clad in mithril armor that appears to have been lightly scorched by unholy flames, marring the otherwise pristine beauty of the breastplate.  The burden of guilt and regret hangs heavily about her, a weight of the world that seems far beyond what a woman of her apparent age should carry.  Her white hair is streaked with silver, kept in dreadlocks interwoven with blue ribbons that go down to just above her tailbone.  A sash, golden in color, is wrapped about her waist complimenting the hue of her eyes.  Beyond the armor and the sash the rest of her outfit consists of robes, in the dull greys and blacks of a woman in mourning, open in the front to reveal worn leather traveling pants and a pair of exquisitely crafted boots protected by mithril plating over her shins. 

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