Monday, August 6, 2012


Izam Mobius Nathan Ferno (aka I.M.N.Ferno) 
Gender: Male 
Race: Goblin 
Eyes: Orange 
Hair: none (burned off) 
Classes: Rogue/Pyrokinetic 
Description: Unlike your average goblin, Izam is kind and caring; he's just socially inept and likes to burn things...A lot. He's constantly fighting the urge to light something on fire, because his friends would be mad at him. He's covered in scars from either fires or simply misunderstandings (he is a goblin living in human settlements after all) and his hands are always covered in slightly charred bandages. He wears a big floppy red legend-of-zelda-style hat and cloak with a flame motif (it makes him go faster) over his leather armor. He's a pyrokinetic and can produce flames with his mind.

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