Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amiri - Raging Blood

This is a piece I did recently for Wayfinder #7 a great fanzine with focus on the RPG Pathfinder.

When I first read into Pathfinder I stumbled upon the background story on the iconic barbarian, Amiri. I really loved her Story and decided right there and then to illustrate one of the major moments. Unfortunately I didn't get it on until Tim gave me a really good opportunity with the theme for Wayfinder #7 witch was to illustrate the best of the first years of Pathfinder.

Here's the passage of the Story that inspired this illustration:

"...It was enough. With a roar, Amiri leapt back to her feet. Her rage filled her body, clouded her vision, stole over her soul. Two of the barbarians had been decapitated by her immense sword before they realized that death had come. The battle was swift and brutal, with Amiri not noticing the blows that landed on her, simply stepping from one traitor to the next and cutting them down.

When her rage finally subsided, Amiri realized what she had done. She knew that the hunters had certainly deserved their fates, but they were still kin. That her reasons for murdering them were, to her, valid didn't change the ties of blood. She knew that she had cut those ties, and so she turned her back on the remains, trusting that they would be discovered by another hunting party soon enough..."

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