Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Captain Janessa

I just had to try the captains quarters but obviously I have to do a lot more background Illustrations.

About 5’10”, wiry with signs of muscle tone. 
‘Soft’ rounder/oval face, sharp-ish nose 
Green/blue eyes, thick-ish eyebrows 
Impish grin 
Dark brown hair, just past shoulder-length, curly and chaotic. Perhaps in a pony-tail that refuses to stay bound. Also a braid or two, with sea shells, animal bones, feathers, etc, woven in. 
Long, slender fingers 
Breasts are on the smaller size, and amount of cleavage is left to the artist. 
Parrot familiar [blue and yellow plumage, older bird and missing some feathers] 
Cutlass with a pommel in the shape of a skull [It's the Tidewater Cutlass, if you have the Skulls & Shackles Adventure Path Book 1] 
Regular pistol in belt 
Leather belt with kraken buckle 
Barefoot, ankle jewelery (coral anklets, etc) 
Pants with bottoms rolled up, white sailor’s shirt 
Tricorne hat [black, weather-beaten and salt-stained] 
Right arm has shark bite scars 
Right upper arm has tattoo of a Megalodon [Dire Shark] 
Left upper arm has tattoo of a giant squid 
Upper Arm jewelery (coral, gold, leather, etc) 
No earrings. 
Leather and coral choker with Besmara holy symbol (skull and crossbones) 
Amulet made of human bones around neck 
Magical leather Bracers of Armor. The left Bracer has a dagger in a forearm sheath

If you really, really want to go crazy. Her ship is called the Sudden Departure, it's a three masted sailing ship, and she has converted her Captain's Quarters into a grove, with shallow-rooted fruit trees, berry bushes, and a vegetable garden.

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  1. Frank, you are great. A great artist (who is getting better all the time) and a great person for fulfilling so many of our requests. I realize it's a win for you as well, because you can draw people and creatures you may not have imagined on your own, but for us to see our favorite characters 'come to life' as it were, is awesome! Hats off to you, sir.