Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Age: 16 
Gender: Male 
Eyes: Elven in appearnce, one is red the other gold 
Skin: Pale, silken white 
Foot type: Digigrate hooves 
Build: Very scrawny, weighing about 78 lbs or so 
Hair: Black, down to his midback 
Notes: His chest is the most muscular thing about him (has to be, so he can actully flap his wings) 
Has a very large wingspan, about 25 feet from wingtip to wingtip if his wings were spread out competly. 
He's very... feminine in looks, almost "bishie" to use an anime term. 
He has long black horns that resemble an eastern dragon's. One has six tines, the other has five. 
He usually either wears a simple leather set of armour or long black robes. 
Very important, he's got glasses, just simple ones. 

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