Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nicos Lebeda

A tiefling Bladebound Kensai. He is albino, with shoulder length bright white hair. He is in his late teens, tall and slim, with completely red eyes (no white at all) with slitted pupils. His horns are very small, not actually breaking the skin on his forhead, more like subdermal implants (Reference), and he usually attempts to hide them with his hair. He is the illegitimate son of an envoy to Cheliax from Brevoy, and his father doted on him (until his death) so he carries himself in a manner that tends to come off as arrogant to others. His only real signature items are his battered pewter mug that denotes him as a follower of Cayden and his fathers Aldori Dueling Sword which is also his Black Blade. It has a damascus steel blade with a swan (the symbol of his fathers house) for the pommel. His clothing should be plain and worn but clean, with no armor. 

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