Monday, July 23, 2012

Kimiko Kaijitsu

Kimiko Kaijitsu – Gunslinger (Musket Master) / Rogue (Sniper) 
17 years old, blue-green eyes, Human of Tian (Japanese) descent 
5’3” tall with a small frame typical of Tian women, but still some curve. Has a stubborn and feisty personality from growing up in the shadow of her older sister Ameiko. The face I see when I picture her is of Ellen Wong (played Knives in Scott Pilgrim vs the World).

Kimi has a style all her own that is somewhere between a pirate, a gunslinger, and a gypsy. She wears her pants comfortable but well-fitting, with a long-sleeved shirt under a fitted vest and a bright multicolored sash at the waist (blues, greens, and purples). Boots are knee-high with a low heel (no more than ½ inch, flat not spiked). She wears a bandolier with many pouches (think adventurer’s sash from Seekers of Secrets) to hold her various musket ammo and gear. She also wears a light, sleeveless, duster-type coat that falls to about knee-length. Leather bracers cinch up the shirt at her forearms so she doesn’t catch it when loading, and she wears a pair of light fingerless gloves to protect her hands without losing tactile senses for finer tasks.
The musket itself is nearly as long as Kimiko is tall - approx to her shoulder or a little shorter (no less than ¾ her own height). I almost see the length as semi-comical for those who initially see her carrying the rare weapon, and then the laughing stops when she applies her skill with it. She also carries a rapier and has a knife in one boot.
Born on the day of the Swallowtail Festival, Kimi has become a fan of butterflies and wears a small set of glass and wire butterfly earrings with a matching choker necklace. She wears her hair just above shoulder length, layered and with purple streaks. When out ‘adventuring’, she wears a head scarf to keep it neat (think something along the lines of a Varisian head scarf, without any coins). 

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