Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rose Springdawn

She is a Samsaran Magus crunch wise. The young girl before you, a hand shy of six foot, stands with her hands clapsed before her, head downturned. Well kept black hair rests tied behind her head by a blue ribbon at her neck, going down to her waist. Two thick handfuls instead stream down her front, hiding her face behind it. Peering closer, behind the black strands, her face can be seen a pale coloring as though she is ill. Then realization dawns and it becomes clear her skin is actually a pale blue in color, make-up applied to give it a more natural appearance. As you scrutinize this, she looks up, giving another shock. Her eyes are a solid white color, though it almost seems as though they focus on you. The white orbs quickly look away under your scrutiny. Pulling your gaze back, she dresses in simple clothing. An earthtone tunic, long in sleeve and neck, with another shirt of links of chain on top of that. Simple trousers, matching the tunic, and sturdy black boots help round out the outfit. Surrounding her waist is a simple leather black belt with a steel buckle, on her left hip is a sheathed sword with a strange pouch dangling from her belt giving off an odd aroma of smells. Both of her hands are gloved, dyed black cotton, leaving no skin showing. The last part of her outfit is the long hooded black cloaks she wears, easily able to surround her.

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  1. Klasse! Einfach Klasse! So viel Ausdruck ohne verständliche Emotion. Toll.